Get Rid of the Mobile Home – Glamping is the Future

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Say goodbye to mobile homes and hello to glamping

An increasing number of people across Europe, the US, and Canada are discovering the joys of getting closer nature by choosing to go camping. This growing demand is not for the roughing it style of camping that was typical of the old days. Today’s campers want to camp in comfort and style. They choose glamping and luxurious safari tents instead of basic tents or outdated mobile homes.

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Out with the mobiles homes and in with the glamping tents

More and more campsite owners are creating glamping fields by replacing old and tired mobile homes and chalets with luxury safari tents. Many consumers look for something new to try on their holiday. Glamping offers style, luxury, and a new experience. Glamping is an appealing choice for a broad group of people including those who may have never considered taking a camping holiday before. Adding safari tents and lodges to your campsite provides the type of accommodation these guests demand. Safari tents also improve the look and atmosphere of your campsite making your campsite more attractive to a wider audience of potential guests.

Guests demand luxury

Mobile homes are not associated with luxury and are often outdated and basic. Guests want and expect a stylish and luxurious stay. Mobile homes do not provide that so they don’t meet guests’ expectations. Your potential guests are looking to stay somewhere that is both affordable and glamorous. Guests want to enjoy being away from home but also want their accommodation to have the same comforts of home. Glamping tents provide all the comforts of home. These luxury tents are furnished with their own bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and sometimes even a hot tub. Whereas, mobile homes do not live up to guest expectations.

Increase your revenue throughout the season with glamping tents

It is very common for campsites that have mobile homes or chalets to rent these out to regular guests each season, and sometimes rent them out permanently. This type of rental might pay you a fixed amount each year, which can be good because it is stable income. But it might not be your most lucrative option. You could be earning more income by renting out glamping tents throughout the season. There is a high demand for glamping from April to October, which is the pre and post-season. Renting glamping tents throughout the season helps extend the period that you can rely on a steady stream of guests. Your regular guests that rent mobile homes might enjoy trying glamping. Glamping tents can bring in a larger group of potential guests and also appeal to your current guests.

Maximize your accommodation offer and join external booking platforms and parties. This is a great way to help increase your occupancy rate and get your campsite noticed by guests.

Blog by Tent Masters

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If you are considering replacing your mobile homes with glamping tents, we can advise you! Please contact us for more information.