5 Tips For A Higher Occupancy Rate

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Boost Your Occupancy With These Five Tips

Occupancy is a major concern for campsites and can be an issue for both beginner and veteran operators. Every campsite wants to max out the number of guests. Many campsites are able to be fully booked during the summer holidays but often have weeks outside of the busy season that are empty. Take a look at the following five tips to help increase your occupancy all year round.

  1. Keep track of your occupancy weekly

    Data is key to knowing what is happening. Every week you should track your occupancy rates and analyze the data. Look for trends such as weeks when your rate was highest, weeks when your numbers dipped, and weeks when there were only a few bookings. Study and evaluate your data weekly. Doing so will provide you with helpful insights that can improve your planning for the year ahead.

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  2. Plan ahead

    Now that you have analyzed your data and found the weeks with lower rates, you can use those insights to your benefit and plan accordingly. Is spring your low season and when you need more guests? Consider introducing some special offers or deals during that time. Boost your advertising for those special offers or deals. Make sure that your website and social media channels are given plenty of focus and attention. Don’t forget about offline promotion possibilities as well. Remember that some potential guests might not use social media. To reach those potential guests, use other advertising means such as magazines like ACSI for camping enthusiasts.

  3. Broaden your range

    Think beyond your main advertising and social media channels. Can you reach out to external parties that are in your network and get them engaged? Do those external parties have special pages on their websites that can promote your campsite? Could those parties’ websites host a blog featuring your campsite? Think about extending an invitation to social media influencers or journalists to visit your campsite in exchange for some publicity through them writing a review or making a post.

  4. Highlight what makes you different

    What makes your campsite unique? How are you different? What do you offer that other campsites do not? What is special about your location? Maybe you offer views of the ocean, are close to a big city, or your site is situated in an area with beautiful nature. Do you have special amenities, facilities, or offerings for children? These special offerings will catch the eye of potential guests and attract them to your campsite. Know what your unique selling points are and make sure that they are highlighted on your website and other advertising channels.

  5. Give your guests what they want

    While it is important to know what makes your campsite unique, it is also important to keep up with the trends. As a campsite owner, you have to know your guests and know what they want and expect. Luxury camping is what guests increasingly want. Guests want to camp without sacrificing any of the comforts of home. Add glamping tents to your campsite to give guests what they want. Glamping tents will appeal to a wider audience and you will see your occupancy rate increase. Make it easy for your guests by having a booking system that is fast, efficient, and up to date. Always respond to questions and inquiries as quickly as you can or else those potential guests may go elsewhere.

    Blog by Tent Masters

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