Enhance Your Campsite with a Restaurant

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Combining a restaurant with a campsite has proven to be a winning combination. Ambitious campsite owners can open a restaurant and offer their guests the choice to forgo cooking and enjoy their breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks and drinks in the restaurant. Opening a restaurant provides a two-fold benefit, convenient service for the guests, and an additional revenue stream for the campsite owner. If this option appeals to you or is something you have been considering, then here are some ideas.

Guests want the best experience

The experience factor is becoming increasingly more important in the search for a memorable holiday. Potential guests want a holiday that will provide them with positive lasting memories. A key component of the holiday experience, besides luxurious safari tents, is fine food and wine. Consumers are eating out in increasing numbers across the US and Europe. These consumers are also willing to pay extra when dining out. If your campsite offers luxurious camping then why not offer the entire glamping package. Add to your campsite by offering excellent food and drinks. Add glamping tents and a restaurant to complete the ultimate luxury camping experience for your guests.

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Quality is key

Food is no longer thought to just be something necessary. Food, particularly great quality food, is a hobby, interest, and passion for many people. The millennial generation, those in their early 20s to mid-30s, eat out more than any generation and spend large amounts of money on food. Millennials love trying new things and frequently seek out new food experiences from various regions, cuisines, and countries. Millennials like to eat in communal settings and they value local foods. Take advantage of this trend by being adventurous in your food offerings. Don’t just have reheated frozen pizza on the menu. Give your guests the high-quality food they want.

Provide a personal touch

Many companies around the world are taking a personal approach with their consumers. Today’s consumers enjoy interaction. This is especially the case in the travel industry. So, get to know your guests. Engage in conversation with them asking about their likes and dislikes. Recommend a bottle of wine or a dish that you think they will enjoy. Make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated by offering a complimentary welcome drink or a discount in the restaurant.

Make it family-friendly

If your campsite attracts families then make sure you are thinking about the needs of a family. Offer a children’s menu to make them happy when dining. If guests take day trips then perhaps provide them with a picnic to take along. Keep the children entertained with a safe play area or playground. Could you position the play area near the restaurant? Doing so allows the children to play while the parents keep watch while enjoying a nice meal or drink. Maybe even provide an entertainer for the children. If the kids are happy then the parents are happy!

Offer sustainable options on your menu

Sustainability is immensely popular and trendy with consumers. Many consumers hold sustainability as their chief criteria and actively seek out sustainable options. Make your offerings sustainable by choosing seasonal produce from local suppliers. Promote local foods — wine, cheese, and bread. Maybe there is a local chef that you can work with to offer a cooking class on the region’s specialties. Consider the various dietary restrictions your guests might have and include vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. This will help you attract the widest group of guests possible.

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Take inspiration from the French and offer a Table d’Hôte experience

In France, it is typical for a Bed & Breakfast or glamping site owner to organize a Table d’Hôte that provides a limited menu including a three-course dinner created with locally grown produce. A Table d’Hôte does not require a restaurant to be onsite. You can use your own kitchen or facilities to prepare your guests dinner at a set time. This type of offering allows guests the luxury of not having to cook their own dinner and provides you the benefit of keeping the guests at your campsite. This offering is a great way to get everyone together for a communal dining experience and a pleasant sociable evening.