Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Safari Tents Over Mobile Homes

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Many campsite owners struggle with the decision between safari tents and mobile homes. But, more and more campsite owners are making the choice of safari tents. These owners are offering glamping accommodation to attract more guests. We agree with that choice and think it’s the best decision. Here are four reasons why we do.

Blog by Tent Masters

Photo: LuxeTenten

  1. Glamping is more popular than ever

    Glamping is undeniably very popular and one of the travel industry’s hottest trends. An increasing number of people are enjoying an escape from home without sacrificing any of its comforts by trying luxurious camping. Guests often say, “this is how we want to camp!” No need to just take our word for this. Glamping Business has conducted research that shows that glamping makes good business sense.

    Blog by Tent Masters

    Photo: LuxeTenten

  2. Make your site welcoming and attractive

    You want your campsite to look its best and to provide a great first impression. A good first impression can be the difference between a guest choosing to stay at your site or leaving and looking elsewhere. So, you want your site to look as good as possible. Safari tents and lodges give a great first impression and make for a beautiful campsite. These glamping accommodations are sophisticated, stylish, and more attractive than old mobile homes or empty pitches.

  3. Higher return on investment (ROI)

    The initial investment for a safari tent is relatively low with basic models beginning around 7,000 euros. The demand for glamping is very high and only increasing which means that you will quickly see a return on your investment. Guests are willing to spend more and pay extra for luxurious camping. But they are not willing to do so for a basic camping pitch or for a mobile home. Make your guests’ holiday experience extra special and valuable by adding offerings like a hot tub, BBQ, fire pit, or bicycles that they can borrow. With extra offerings like these, you are able to charge even more.

  4. Guests are looking for luxury

    Glamping is a worldwide trend that is ever-growing. Bloomberg, the financial news service, estimates that the glamping market will be worth US$4.8 billion by 2025. This growing market is driven by the increasing number of travelers who want to relax by connecting with nature while enjoying luxurious accommodation. Research from the Dutch website,, shows that 5.4 million Dutch people are interested in more luxurious camping. Research from Inspired Camping in the UK reveals a similar story. Meanwhile, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) in the US says in its annual KOA Report that 45% of its campers want to experience glamping this year. This figure is more than double the 2018 figure.

    If you want to place glamping tents on your campsite then contact us without obligation and we can talk you through the options.