Glamping – Enabling Hotels to Reach a New Market

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Glamping helps hotels reach a new market

Glamping is an established trend and is greatly popular among holidaymakers. Glamping accommodation is not restricted to only campsites. Other areas, such as agritourism sites, have made beneficial use of glamping. Hotels are beginning to recognize glamping’s versatility. Hotels are starting to see that they can enhance their business by adding luxury safari tents. A great example of this is Villa Alwin Beach Resort in Italy which has used our luxury safari tents to merge agritourism with glamping. If you are looking for ways to enhance your business and reach new guests, then look to glamping. Here’s how glamping can help.

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Hotels and glamping – the perfect match

More and more hotels in Slovenia – where glamping resorts have really taken off, the Netherlands, other parts of Europe, and Australia are adding luxury tents to their other accommodation offers. At these hotels, guests enjoy all of the facilities the hotel has to offer like the restaurants and spas while also spending the night in a luxury safari tent or tepee. Weddings are particularly attracted to hotels with glamping accommodation because the wedding guests can choose a typical hotel room or a night under the stars in a glamping tent. This allows hotels to accommodate larger groups and provide their guests with a wider range of accommodation options. Adding glamping options to a hotel is perfect for couples and for families. A phrase we often hear from these guests is, “that’s how I would like to camp.”

Glamping enables your hotel to offer a unique experience

Glamping is more than just luxury camping in safari tents. Glamping provides a special and unique experience for your guests. An experience that is very different from a normal hotel stay. Your hotel might already provide the facilities for your guests to get married there. But what if the bride and groom and their wedding guests could spend the wedding night in a luxury glamping tent? How much more special would that wedding be? The entire wedding could enjoy a unique and festive atmosphere with maybe a food truck or campfire to complete the event. By adding glamping tents, hotel owners can extend their reach and widen their target audience. Adding glamping tents increases the accommodation capacity that the hotel already has and creates a broader range of accommodation offerings for potential customers.