Vineyards and Glamping – A Magical Match

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The travel industry has seen a boom in the enthusiasm for glamping, which means glamorous camping. Currently, glamping is one of the most popular trends in the travel world. Glamping guests stay in luxurious safari tents that allow them to delight in the comforts of home while enjoying an escape from their daily lives. Nothing goes better with a night of glamping spent under the stars than a day filled sampling fine wines. Seizing this opportunity, more and more vineyards and wine estates have created glamping opportunities on their properties by adding luxurious safari tents.

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Glamping tents bring in new income

Do you have visitors to your vineyard? Would you like to increase your income? Then offer those visitors something new. Provide your guests with the option to have a luxurious night stay in your beautiful surroundings. Your guests can spend their day relaxing and sampling your wines without the worry of having to drive back home. The investment in several glamping tents can generate new income by bringing more guests to your property. The combination of glamping and wine is a win-win for both you and your guests.

Blog by Tent Masters

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Italy guides the course in agriturismo

Agriturismo has gained immense popularity in Italy. Agriturismo accommodations allow guests to enjoy the Italian countryside and way of life by staying on working farms. A growing number of Italian winemakers and farmers are opening glamping tents on their properties and are operating successful businesses. One particularly successful case is Villa la Diva located in the countryside of Le March, a region in central Italy. Villa la Diva’s estate is next to the region’s best vineyards and has opened twelve safari tents. Villa la Diva’s guests can enjoy the full Italian experience with a wine tasting and classic Italian dinner.

If you have the space why not maximize it?

Provide your guests with an unforgettable experience

Today’s tourists are seeking memorable experiences. Your property and glamping tents are just the beginning of such an experience. Create an extraordinary holiday experience for your guests by offering vineyard tours, winemaking workshops, and cooking classes that pair your wines with local dishes.

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