Thinking of Starting a Glamping Business

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Wanting to start a glamping business?

Is it your dream to set up your own glamping site? Starting a new business is no easy task and you will need to get the basics right. Here are some helpful tips to guide you as you start your glamping business.

Why a glamping business?

It is important to understand your own motivation. Ask yourself why you want to start a glamping business. Maybe you stayed at a glamping site and loved the experience. Or maybe you want to escape the standard work routine with the typical nine to five schedule. Or perhaps you see it as a good financial opportunity. Could you bring something new to the glamping market? Whatever your motivation might be, it is important to identify it. You need to have a realistic view of your goals and what you want to achieve, so it is a good idea to write a list of the pros and cons.

Who is your target market?

Starting a new business is exciting and you are probably ready to get your glamping business started. But before you do, it is important to know your target market. Which potential market are you targeting? Are you wanting to attract couples, families with children, wellness retreat groups, or the wedding market? Knowing your target market is important because their wants could be different. For example, couples looking for a romantic getaway trip might not want to stay next to a family with young children.

Once you have identified your target market there are other things to consider. Know the details of your target market including their average age, where they come from, what they are interested in, and what they want from a holiday. After knowing your target market and their details you can create a persona for your ideal guest. This persona will be a representation of the type of person you really want to stay at your glamping site. If you want to learn more about how personas are used in the travel industry, read more here.

Location and accommodation

Location, location, location — you have heard it before, location is key. It is important to know what your ideal location is. Is it in the forest or near the coast? Is it next to a city or tourist destination? Are there good transport links nearby? The location of your glamping site is crucial.

The type of accommodation you choose is also crucial. That accommodation could be a luxury safari tent or a larger lodge that’s suitable for family groups. Glamping is our passion and we have created a wide range of accommodation styles to suit all types of guests. Our range includes the Woody Junior which is perfectly designed for couples wanting a romantic glamping break. We also offer the Luxury Lodge that is best suited for families wanting luxury and space during their glamping trip.

Rules and regulations

Laws and regulations are important considerations for every business. You will need to know and comply with local rules and regulations as you start your glamping business. You will need to get the necessary permits and paperwork. The details of this will vary according to the country your glamping site is in. The local authorities of your site might also have their own rules. Find out what you need to do by contacting your local authority.


One of the best things you can do for your business is to develop a solid business plan. When a business fails it is often the case that there was bad planning involved. If you are applying for financing from a bank you will need a business plan. Your business plan should include all the details of how your business will work including the target market, unique selling points, projected income, and how the glamping market is expanding. Producing a cost-benefit analysis is another important step. Learn how to produce a good business plan here.

Other considerations

A strong brand is necessary for your business. You want your business to have a clear identity. What will you name your glamping site? How will you market it and reach potential guests? Do you have a good website? Think about signing up with local tourist organizations. These organizations can promote your site and help you reach a wider audience. Feel free to contact us to find out more about starting a glamping business.