Why Campsite Owners are Opting for Fixed Glamping Lodges

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Campsite owners are choosing fixed glamping lodges

Glamping is very trendy and only getting more popular across North America and Europe. There is a wide variety of accommodation options that can be made available to glamping guests. Because of their benefits, an increasing number of campsite owners are choosing fixed glamping lodges — here’s why.

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Keep your rentals open into the winter season

One of the most considerable benefits of fixed glamping lodges is that they allow you to increase your occupancy rate during the winter. Our glamping lodges can remain outside year-round thanks to their robust construction. We offer various glamping lodges in our range that can be winter-proof by including extra insulation and electrical or pellet heating. We are able to advise you on how to safely do this.

Fixed glamping lodges keep campers happy

The demand for luxurious camping holidays is increasing. Meet this demand with our glamping lodges that offer guests everything they want. Our luxurious lodges have everything your guests need including a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, and box-spring beds in the bedroom. Along with luxury, holiday-makers want memorable experiences. Spending a night or two in a luxurious glamping lodge, that might even have a jacuzzi, will give guests an unforgettable holiday.

First impressions matter

Online photos play a large role in helping potential guests make their holiday choice. Make sure that your campsite gives a great impression. Your campsite should be attractive and look well cared for. Our stylish and sophisticated glamping lodges improve a site’s overall appearance and can make all the difference.

Blog by Tent Masters

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Widen your target market

Not everyone is a fan of traditional camping. You don’t need to be the outdoorsy type to enjoy a glamping getaway in one of our lodges. First-time campers are increasingly interested in luxury glamping lodges that offer an escape from home but also grant all the comforts of home. These guests are willing to pay more for these glamping lodges. Are you a campsite owner considering glamping lodges? Contact us without obligation to find out more.