How to create a holiday experience

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Tips for creating a holiday experience

More and more consumers are choosing to spend their money on memorable experiences instead of material possessions. Here’s how you can provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

What kind of experience are we talking about?

Consumers want an experience that has meaning. They want to remember the experience for years to come and possibly even be changed by the experience. According to research from the media organization NRIT, 60% of Dutch consumers feel that experiences (like a glamping holiday) are more valuable than buying things. This trend is seen in many countries and is not unique to the Netherlands.

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Follow the latest trends

How exactly do you create a great experience for your guests? First, you need to know what consumers want. Secondly, you need to be aware of the latest trends and developments, from ecotourism to wellness and yoga retreats. Glamping Dune, one of our customers, is a great example. Glamping Dune has set up glamping safari tents within an Italian agriturismo site to create a unique experience for their guests. Glamping Dune’s guests get to enjoy an authentic taste of Italian culture and they get to be immersed in nature all while staying in a luxurious safari tent.

Another booming trend is sustainable tourism. Consumers want to enjoy nature while leaving behind the lowest possible carbon footprint. Appeal to this trend by attracting local guests who want to avoid traveling too far but are also looking for a staycation. Engage with the local community and approach other small businesses about possible collaborations. Consider offering activities lead by local experts such as cooking classes or art sessions.

Glamping is a leading trend. Tourists want a peaceful experience in unique and luxurious accommodation. Spending a night in a treehouse, bell tent, or luxurious safari tent is a unique experience.

Offer planned excursions or activities

Guests want to escape from their daily life and relax in their luxurious safari tent while enjoying the beautiful location. They also enjoy having some activities to do but they do not want the hassle of having to plan and organize these activities. Provide your guests with a fun and hassle-free holiday by organizing some excursions or activities for them to choose from. In addition to a cooking evening, think about planning activities for the whole family such as a scavenger hunt or a day excursion to a local beauty spot or attraction.

Is there an activity or excursion you already organize for your guests? We would love to hear your stories.