How to ensure your glamping business is fully booked – from day one

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Keep your glamping site fully booked from day one

If you have been working on opening up a glamping site you will have put in many hours of hard work. Your glamping site will soon be ready to open for guests, and hopefully, you are receiving a lot of bookings. Make sure you are building a good reputation so that you can keep a constant stream of guests. Here are some tips on how to attract those guests.

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Use existing websites to promote your destination

It is likely that you already have a website for potential guests to access, but you need to drive traffic to your website. Your website should be used to help your site stand out and reach potential guests. This can be particularly challenging to do as a new business. Connect yourself to larger travel websites to help with this challenge and get noticed by a broader audience.

Join an affiliate network

Joining an affiliate network can be very beneficial for your business. These networks act as an intermediary between you and websites that promote glamping destinations. Affiliate networks will advertise your campsite. When guests make a booking at your destination through one of these networks you will pay a commission. One of the most popular affiliate networks is TradeTracker. We encourage you to take a look at this network and consider joining it.

Travel operators, online publishers, and travel bloggers are other options for you to do paid online advertising with. These types of advertising might be particularly worthwhile in the early days of your business. Help build your brand by making an initial investment in advertising.

Provide a user-friendly website

Your website represents your business so make it look nice and be as user-friendly as possible. A website that is difficult to use or unattractive will put off potential guests and these guests will often leave your website to go look elsewhere. The information on your website should be easy to find, so make sure you provide a good search function. It is also very important to have a fully integrated and easy-to-use booking system. If you are looking for more tips on building a website then read our blog: ‘How do I build a good glamping website?’

Blog by Tent Masters

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Run effective social media channels

Have an attractive Facebook channel and a beautiful Instagram account filled with alluring photos of your glamping site that showcase its best qualities. Consider launching promotions like a free extra night with a two-night booking. Another idea is to run a competition on your Facebook channel with the winner receiving a free stay. These types of promotions and competitions will attract attention and drive traffic to your channels. You can collect the details of participants and send them a discount offer to thank them for their participation.

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Consider using travel influencers

Influencer advertising is incredibly popular and persuasive. These social media influencers are very important. Using them to advertise your glamping site can be a smart marketing move. Offer an influencer an exchange by inviting them to stay at your glamping site in return for them producing content like a blog or social media post. Such a post will encourage the influencer’s followers to consider booking a holiday at your glamping site Two examples aimed at the family market are mumsnet in the UK and in Holland.

Gather good reviews

Positive online reviews make a big difference and play a huge role in the travel industry. For most consumers, a holiday is a major purchase. According to marketing specialists, Invesp, 9 out of 10 consumers read online reviews before using a business. The biggest player in this field is TripAdvisor. Ask your guests to write a short review if they have enjoyed their stay at your glamping site. After you have collected a number of good reviews you will attract more guests, more quickly.