The Sunshine, previously known as our Woody Safari Tent, is our most popular model and is based on a classic african safari tent with its robust wooden frame and canvas walls.

Key features of Sunshine Tent:

  • Solid quality
  • Sturdy wooden beams
  • Multiple layouts possible
  • Long lasting

Woody Safari Tent

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Bringing you closer to nature, without sacrificing the amenities of a hotel.

  • Woody Safari Tent

    Stylish and Flexible

    The Sunshine tent is available in a range of sizes for groups of up to 6 people with multiple layouts.

  • Safari Tent Glamping

    Three Floor Plans

    The Sunshine tent has 3 different sizes: Sunshine 27, Sunshine 38, and Sunshine 49.

  • Safari Tents For Sale

    No Guy Ropes

    The Sunshine tent eliminates the need for ropes, providing you guest with an uninterrupted space around the tent.

Sunshine floor plans

Woody Safari Tent

Sunshine 27

Total Surface: 462.9 ft²

Inner tent Dimensions: 17.7 ft x 16.4 ft = 290.6 ft²

Suitable for 4-5 people

Including a 161.5 ft² porch

Safari Tent Glamping

Sunshine 38

Total Surface: 581.25 ft²

Inner Tent Dimensions: 17.7 ft x 23 ft = 409ft²

Suitable for 5 people

Including a 161.5 ft² porch

Safari Tents For Sale

Sunshine 49

Total Surface: 699.7 ft²

Inner Tent Dimensions: 17,7 ft x 29.5 ft = 527.4 ft²

Suitable for 6 people

Including a 161.5 ft² porch

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